Practice Areas

Business Law

We are experienced at providing general business law advice to existing small and medium sized businesses, with a special emphasis on startups and new entrepreneurs. Our business attorneys regularly advise clients on ownership, control, and management issues surrounding both business startups and established businesses. We are adept counselors on a wide variety of employment matters, commercial leases, real estate, and land use approval and compliance.

The drafting and enforcement of contracts is central to a successful business. Our attorneys are well-versed in Oregon and Washington contract law, whether it relates to commercial leases, the dissolution of a business, or contracts governing the provision of goods or services. Our attorneys are focused on protecting your rights while preserving your professional reputation and relationships.

Business owners may feel daunted by the prospect of paying for legal services during their startup period, when capital is limited. Unfortunately, foregoing expert assistance during this crucial time may end up costing businesses thousands of dollars more than they would have spent hiring an attorney in the first place. To reconcile that problem, we provide a host of alternative billing arrangements for our start-up clients, including flat-fee and project-based fee agreements.

Sustainable Business Initiatives

As a firm and as individuals, we are deeply committed to responsible business practices that enhance and give back to the local community without sacrificing the success of the business owners. We also believe that Portland, Oregon, and the wider Northwest, is already a hub for a new wave of sustainable businesses that have the potential to become a national model for evolving business practices. We are dedicated to establishing and growing these forward looking sustainable businesses, and our business attorneys are ready to work with you, whether you are in the startup phase with a new business or looking to transition your established business to a more sustainable model.

Many sustainable businesses already use our firm for their sustainability and business needs. Our current business law clients span a variety of fields, from locally sourced food production and restaurant services to providing green events for concerts and festivals, from naturopathic doctors and alternative health care providers to non-profits and public benefit corporations. Our experienced business attorneys will help tackle your company’s sustainability-related formation, regulatory, financing, employment, certification, marketing, management, supply chain, green building, and merger or sale questions.

Civil Litigation

Our litigation attorneys follow the philosophy that the most efficient and effective method for resolving conflicts lies in collaborative problem solving. Many disputes bleed the time and resources of the parties involved, leading to lose-lose situations regardless of who “wins” in the end. However, we recognize that some disputes need to be presented to a decision maker, whether a judge or arbitrator; and sometimes the parties are just too far apart to reach a negotiated resolution.

Our trial attorneys will help you take an honest look at your situation. While our focus is on early dispute resolution – to save you time and money – we are also prepared to vigorously represent your rights and interests in the court room. Our experience in the following areas also helps us advise clients on how to avoid litigation before it starts.

Landlord-Tenant Law – Residential and Commercial

Oregon has a robust set of laws that protect the rights of tenants and clearly spell out the responsibilities of both parties to a residential rental agreement. Intelekia’s landlord-tenant attorneys have represented both landlords and tenants in informal negotiations and formal litigation. Our low-cost litigation services have helped both sides protect their rights, and our litigation experience allows us to provide valuable guidance in drafting and adhering to legal lease agreements.

Unlike the residential context, where both landlords and tenants are constrained by statute, commercial lease agreements are almost entirely governed by contract. This means that from the very start of a commercial tenancy, the obligations of the parties must be clearly spelled out in the lease itself. Our attorneys’ experience in litigating commercial leases for both landlords and tenants means that we know the common areas where these leases go wrong, and what you need to plan for when drafting or entering a lease.

Real Property Transactions & Land Use

Our Oregon real property attorneys are experienced in helping clients negotiate and finalize the purchase, sale, or lease of land. Working efficiently and effectively, our services typically are much more affordable than the fee charged by traditional brokerages or realtors. Additionally, by hiring Intelekia to draft your private land transactions, you benefit from the knowledge of lawyers experienced in litigating transactions that have fallen apart. We will protect your interests from the start, giving you an enforceable contract that reflects what you really want, rather than boilerplate clauses that won’t be explained to you.

Our real property attorneys also can help you make the most out of your property. Whether you are applying for permits for certain uses, looking to lease your property to others, or concerned about the impact your neighbors are having on your property value, Intelekia will provide you the guidance and support you need.


We are experienced at providing legal advice for new and budding nonprofit organizations. Our attorneys commonly advise clients regarding 501(c) ownership, applying for 501(c) status, determining the organization’s tax-exemption status, and the differences between each of the 501(c) organizations. We lead our clients through the over-lapping layers of state and federal regulations governing nonprofit corporations to ensure their attention stays where it belongs: promoting the organizational mission and focusing on the communities they serve.

Nonprofit owners may feel intimidated by the application for 501(c) status and the costs for starting the nonprofit. However, foregoing expert advice and assistance may end up costing the owner more money and time when problems crop up down the road. Under our attorneys’ guidance, your 501(c) non-profit will receive the care and attention needed to establish strong roots for future growth.

Natural Resources Law

Our firm resolves problems and streamlines natural resources projects, primarily concerning water, energy, climate change or agriculture. We offer transactional, financial planning, administrative, litigation, and policy assistance, with the goal of protecting and enriching our clients, local landowners and communities, as well as Oregon’s citizens and environment. We are knowledgeable of emerging market-based regulatory programs, financial incentives, and public-private initiatives to promote economical and efficient projects.